Iron Goat Trail

From Lodge turn right on Hwy 2 go about 20 miles west and look for Mile marker 58 on U.S. Hwy 2, (a few miles west of Stevens Pass), Skykomish, WA


“Great hiking trail with history”


I loved my hike on the Iron Goat Trail with my dogs. It mixes history with the hiking. The scenery is beautiful and so interesting and trail is wide and comfortable.

“Iron Goat Trail is a gem of an easy hike – with amazing views!”


Reviewed October 13, 2016

Iron Goat Trail near Skykomish, Washington, is right on Highway 2. It’s well worth pulling off the highway for this walk along the Nooksack River. You will want to put on your hiking boots, and be prepared for some twisting trails and rocky portions – but it is not an insurmountable walk. The waterfalls, rapids and lush beauty is well worth the stop.

“Iron Goat Trail Great Northern Railway”


Reviewed June 2, 2016

The Iron Goa Trail is the abandon roadbed of the Great Northern Railway. It was opened in 1893 and used until 1929 when the present Cascade Tunnel opened.
Originally switchbacks were used to get over the summit. In 1900 the original Cascade Tunnel opened. It was 2.63 miles long.

Lake Dorthy

From Lodge turn left on Hwy 2 follow signs to Money Creek Campground and continue pass the campground. Turn right on Miller River Rd (FSR 6410) and stay left. You will reach the trailhead in 9.5 miles.

This is a relatively short hike with only a moderate elevation gain. Lake Dorthy is big, measuring over 1.5 miles in length. The trail continues on past Lake Dorthy to three more mountain lakes, Bear, Deer and Snoqualmie. The path to Lake Dorthy is a popular one, but with the ample destinations finding some solitude shouldnt be too much trouble.


Crater Lake

From Lodge turn left on Hwy 2 take US 2 to the Money Creek Campground turnoff just before the town of Skykomish. Turn right onto the Miller River road and drive a short distance to Miller River Road. Turn right and take an almost immediate right onto Money Creek Road. Drive about 7.3 miles to the small parking area at the end of the road.

The path to Crater Lake is not a maintained trail and was originally constructed by miners and fishermen. Don’t let this scare you though, the path is stable and pretty easy to follow. The path begins by following the hillside before beginning to climb through the forest with a small creek not too far away. This creek, which is an outlet stream of Crater Lake, will steer you back to the path (if you run into it you’ve gone to far west!) Along your journey you will get views of the Upper Tolt River Valley, the destination of the water in Crater Lake. After a short and steep ascent the path will flatten out and travel through some wet meadows complete with mud.

Necklace Valley

From the Lodge turn right on Hwy 2 and go about 9 ½ miles About 0.6 miles past Ranger Station, Right on Foss River Rd NE (FSR 68) for 1.2 miles. Right at fork for 2.4 miles, continuing on FSR 68 for 0.7 miles to trailhead on left


The Necklace Valley is beautiful. With its rocky ledges and postage-stamp meadows, wildflowers and towering peaks, it is sure to leave you in awe. This is a challenging hike that requires crossing the East Fork of the Foss River, its best to take your time and enjoy this hike in a couple of days.


Fortune Ponds

From Lodge turn right on Hwy 2 and turn left on Beckler Road (FSR 65) and drive 7 miles. Reach a junction and take the middle fork to follow Rapid River Rd (FSR 6530) 4.5 miles to the trailhead.


The trail to Fortune Ponds climbs through a burn area of old growth forest along Meadow Creek. The trail climbs 1,000 feet the first mile before turning up the valley and entering a 500 year old forest of hemlock and silver firs. The grade here is easy and you’ll cross Meadow Creek several times. At the 4.5 mile mark the grade steepens and you begin to climb Fortune Mountain and reach the lower Fortune Pond. Soon after the trail connects to the Pacific Crest Trail. You can follow the trail south 1 mile to Pear Lake, or north to Benchmark Mountain.


Pear Lake

From Lodge turn right on Hwy 2 drive East to mile marker 49. Turn left on Beckler River Rd (FSR 65) and drive 7.1 miles. Turn right on FSR 6530 and drive 4.5 miles to the trailhead on the left.


The hike to Pear Lake stays beside Meadow Creek for most of its journey. The trail continues on through the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness Area toward Fortune Mountain and the Pacific Crest Trail. The climb from Fortune Ponds to Pear Lake is dramatic with rock crags, mountain hemlock and wildflowers. Be warned, it’s a long journey just to reach the trailhead, there is no official parking and the trail goes on forever. But this makes for a trail that stays quiet and beautiful.


Delta Lake

From Lodge turn right on Hwy 2 drive East 0.5 mile east of the Skykomish Ranger Station to the signed Foss River Road. Turn and drive 6.5 miles on the Foss River Road, following the signs for West Fork Foss trail #1062. After about 4.5 miles turn left at the junction, not crossing the river and proceed to the road’s end and trailhead.


Begin by hiking along the heavily used trail to Trout Lake. Reach the lake in 1.5 miles and then travel an additional 0.5 miles to a view of Copper Creek. Follow a decent path from here, downstream past Middle and Lower Copper Falls, all the way to the Foss River. From here you will need to cross the Foss River, the trail resumes on the other side. Follow the path for another 0.5 miles to the base of Lower Foss River Falls. The trail climbs from here another 0.3 miles to reach Upper Foss River Falls, and the path begins to become obscure. You will find Delta Lake about 0.1 miles upstream from the top of Upper Foss River Falls. Cross the log jams at the outlet to find a small campsite with a view of Angeline Falls.